Established in 2004, Premier Works is a small, family-owned-and-operated company based in the St. Louis Metro East. We supply and operate an assortment of rides, games, and concessions to many local picnics, homecomings, and festivals each year.

The company strives to bring old-fashioned entertainment and positive, memorable experiences to individuals and families of all ages. In addition to rides, we have your favorite carnival foods - cotton candy, funnel cake, corn dog - and both skill and "winner every time" games.

​The importance of customer service and public safety in our business cannot be understated, and we should know... Premier Works owners Lisa and Paul have nearly 95 years of industry experience combined.

What we do isn’t easy, but the people we do it for - the couple covered in powdered sugar sharing a funnel cake, the little girl riding the train for the sixth time with her prize teddy bear - make it all worthwhile.

Would you like to make Premier Works a part of your next event? Whether a company picnic, community celebration, or other sponsored event, we can help. Contact us to inquire about availability, packages, and pricing.


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